Rate Controller is a product that performs throttling of HTTP Requests and Response based on specific patterns ensuring that the requests are sent in a controlled way to the web server without over-whelming its resources
We support Rate Control profiling based on the following:

  • HTTP Method
    • GET (Downloads, Page Views etc.)
    • POST (Uploads, Login Pages etc.)
  • URL Segregation
    • High-Rate : Those URLs which are hit extensively (Ex. A Page which is visited by almost all users)
    • Skip-Rate : URL’s which are called for Auto-Polling Service (Ex. A status page for a service which keeps auto-refreshing automatically)
  • Application Specific: We even help you configure special Rate Controls based your custom applications and their use cases. Tailored and fit as per your requirements

Using our extensive logging and traffic analyzing platform, we benchmark the application HTTP Traffic and compute the ideal throttling limits ensuring that the solution fits your traffic trend. All this is done in the INTEGRATION PHASE.