A Penetration Test, popularly known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system (Web Application in the current scope) in a controlled environment that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the system’s features and data.

The process typically identifies the target systems and a particular goal—then reviews available information and undertakes various means to attain the goal. A penetration test target may be a white box (which provides background and system/stack information) or black box (which provides only basic or no information except the company name/ website address). A penetration test can help determine whether a system is vulnerable to attack, if the defenses were sufficient, and which defenses (if any) the test defeated.

Please note that we do not use automated scanners, instead perform a complete manual testing to identify security bugs which are submitted with a working POC including a mitigation strategy. Its an end to end test cycle where we find bugs, submit, get a confirmation and post fix, we perform another complete regression test cycle regarding the bugs identified.

Category & Number of Test Cases:

Category# of Test Cases
Access Controls11
Authentication & Cookies17
Configuration Management27
Input Validations21
Sensitive Information Disclosure18

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